Gives confidence when your name is taken with cricketing greats: Babar Azam

Pakistan skipper Babar Azam. Screenshot of ICC Digital video

Pakistan national cricket team captain Babar Azam said he tries his best to perform well for the country in every match.

“I always aim to try and perform well in every single game,” he said in an interview with ICC Digital on Wednesday.

“The team demands me perform and deliver a win. So, I try to rise to their expectations every single time I hit the ground.”

It’s the captain’s responsibility to boost the team’s confidence and belief in their abilities so that they can give superb performances, he said.

Babar thanked God that he had learned a lot about man management skills. “By the grace of Allah, I have honed my man-management skills,” he said.

The skipper said that as a batsman, he always tries to perform in such a way that it is better for Pakistan so that the country wins the match.

“When your name is called out along with some other contemporary cricketing greats, it gives massive confidence,” he said.

Praising the skipper, batter Shan Masood said that Babar Azam will turn out to be one of the greatest batsmen Pakistan has ever had.

“It’s a joy to watch him train every day and perform on the ground,” he said. 

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