Meghan Markle accuses Google of stereotyping black women

Meghan Markle hit out at the search engine giant Google, accusing it of contributing to spreading stereotypes about black women.

In the recent episode of the bombshell podcast Archetypes, the Duchess of Sussex said that she was surprised to know about the findings of a study by Gender Studies professor Dr Safiya U.

“Her findings in this book had my jaw on the floor, she said.

“She established that when you type in a question on the Google search engine, it would try to guess what your question would be,” the mum-of-two added.

“Sort of like the modern-day, technological Madlib, so to fill in the blank, to be intuitive for you, she typed in, ‘why are black women so…’

“The autofill from the computer, the machine trying to guess your thoughts, maybe shape your thoughts, completed her search with these options: why are black women so loud? Why are black women so mean? Why are black women so angry?

“Those were the seeds being planted, this idea that a black woman must be angry,” she added.

The Suits alum also shed light on the findings of Dr Noble’s book Algorithms of Oppression.

“An angry black woman when we all know that sometimes things make you feel angry or sad or hurt or upset.”

“And that’s not a gendered or racially-specific feeling. Yet this trope of the angry black woman persists and, as we saw in this book, it was being reinforced constantly in ways we hadn’t even realised.

“And from that, I started to dig deeper – where does this idea even come from? Why has it been attributed to black women?” she added.

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