Victoria Beckham addresses Spice Girls reunion rumours

Victoria Beckham addresses Spice Girls reunion rumours

Victoria Beckham shut down rumours once and for all about her joining the Spice Girls if they headline the upcoming Glastonbury festival in the U.K.

During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live, the fashion designer was asked if she would be willing to reunite with the former girls’ group.

Posh Spice responded, “You know, I had so much fun being in the Spice Girls, but, you know, I think that now with everything else that I’ve got going on with my fashion and my beauty line, four children, you know, I just — I couldn’t commit to that.”

“But I had so much fun in the Spice girls. I love the girls. I really, really enjoy singing Spice Girls when I’m doing karaoke, but I think I’d better leave it there,” the wife of former legendary footballer David Beckham added.

Last year, Mel B dropped a major hint that the girls were set to reunite amid the 25th anniversary of their hit track Wannabe.

Later in an interview with BBC, Mel C expressed her excitement about a possible reunion of the group at the famed music festival as she said, “It’s the dream, the absolute dream, yeah, we would love to do it.”

“You know what, the girls and I, we have chatted about it. You know, it’s the biggest stage in the world, we have the best festival in the world right here,” she added.

As for Victoria’s decision to join the gal gang, a source said that even if she chooses not to do it, the Spice Girls would perform at the festival.

“The negotiations are ongoing but they have reached a stage where things are really looking likely, with or without Victoria,” the insider said.

“The Spice Girls are not a band to typically perform at Glastonbury but they are legendary and it will be so much fun,” the statement continued.

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