IBS Software To Provide Passenger Service Systems For Jet Airways

Jet Airways is planning to relaunch commercial operations in September 2022.


The Jalan-Kalrock Consortium has selected IBS Software, a Thiruvananthapuram technopark-based SaaS solutions provider to the travel industry globally, as technology partner to deliver capabilities in passenger service system to Jet Airways, which is planning to relaunch commercial operations in September 2022.

The company said in a statement here that this selection will provide a range of technology platforms to support Jet Airways’ relaunch as a people-focused airline for the digital age.

As technology partner, IBS Software will deliver cutting-edge capabilities in passenger service systems (PSS) encompassing bookings, inventory and revenue management, departure control system, loyalty management, as well as a latest generation website and mobile app, designed to optimize the entire passenger and retail experience, it said.

Jet Airways said it is coming back determined to take technology, services, and customer experience to a new level.

“In IBS Software, we found an ideal partner with the experience and expertise required to deliver the technology platforms and collaboration that will help us deliver on our promise to bring back an even better Jet Airways to those eagerly awaiting its relaunch, as we enter an exciting new era for the airline,” said Sanjiv Kapoor, Chief Executive Officer for Jet Airways.

Anand Krishnan, CEO, IBS Software, said Jet Airways is one of India’s most-loved airlines and it is an absolute privilege to play a part in its highly anticipated relaunch.

“Jet Airways is committed to putting technology at the heart of its entire operations, and we’re thrilled to partner with their visionary team to continue to change the face of the airline experience in India and beyond,” he said. 

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