Women drivers less likely to be involved in car accidents as compared to men: study

Representational image of a woman driving a car. — Reuters.

A new study has shown that women are less likely to be involved in road accidents and are also better at taking control of a driverless car due to their faster reaction times as compared to men.

The study was conducted by scientists at the Newcastle University in England, who found that while driving a vehicle, women tend to have more stable wheel control and they engage in fewer reckless manoeuvres as compared to their male counterparts.

As reported by The Times, 43 men and 33 women participated in the study wherein they had to use a driving simulator. It showed that women were able to take back control of the car more quickly as compared to men. Women took an average of 2.45 seconds to take back control of a driverless car, while men took 2.63 seconds on average. 

The study concluded that at present, women tend to be less likely to be involved in road accidents as compared to men.

However, the likelihood of women failing driving tests is higher than men.

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