Tom Cruise surprises a fan with his breathtaking stunt in Lake District

Tom Cruise paraglided over her one fan’s head in the Lake District, leaving her shocked and lost for words.

The Mission Impossible star, 60, was filming Mission Impossible 8 on Sunday when he left one fan speechless as he paraglided over her head before landing next to her.

Charlotte Burton-Delph was enjoying a walk with her family around Buttermere Lake, Cumbria when she noticed Tom gliding above the water in the distance.

A video from the day shows Tom dressed in his signature black clothes, boots and gloves as he glided from left to right towards Charlotte.

She can be heard shouting: “Wow, look,” as the actor descended towards the field next to her family.

Charlotte said her and her partner Adrian were amazed by the stunt and she described it as “next level cool” on Twitter.

The clip has since gone viral, amassing more than 708,000 views. Fans of the actor were left in awe of the actor, with one person commenting: “Is there nothing this bloke can’t do? Awesome!”

Another person tweeted: “Honestly, Tom Cruise is literally the coolest guy on the planet. Everything I do pales in comparison to this guy. No wonder he is so successful.”

A third said: “Tom cruise the coolest guy ever.”

Charlotte said: “We were there to walk the dog, but it just so happened that we stumbled upon Tom Cruise filming Mission Impossible. It felt very surreal.

“We saw this blue parachute come around the lake and we only realised it was Tom Cruise when he came closer. It just happened that I managed to catch it on camera

“It was amazing to see him glide right over our heads. It was a very cool landing. It was typical Tom Cruise.”

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