Ellen Barkin claimed there’s ‘always an air of violence’ around Johnny Depp

 Ellen Barkin, one of the ex lovers of Johnny Depp, claimed that there’s a “world of violence” around The Tourist actor in newly released unsealed pre-trial legal documents.

In the Ocean’s Thirteen actor’s deposition that was not aired during Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard’s highly publicized trial, she said that the actor is “charming” as “most abusers” are.

The 68-year-old actor went on to claim as per Daily Mail that Depp gave her Quaalude first time they had physical relation.

In her deposition, Barkin was asked if Depp could be “incredibly charming,” to which she responded, “most abusers are.”

When asked to clarify, the actor said, “I meant the big umbrella term of abusers.”

The two actors were romantically involved but their relationship ended when he threw a bottle of wine at her when they were filming Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

Addressing the moment when Depp threw the bottle at her during a fight he had with some other people in the room, Barkin said that she “wasn’t surprised” as “there was always an air of violence around him.”

“He’s a yeller, he is verbally abusive. And those things you can see,” adding that there was “just a lot of yelling” when the 59-year-old star was around.

She went on to say that he used to yell at “his assistant,” adding, “people who would work on the film maybe in what he would view as a lower capacity than he functions at. There is just a world of violence.”

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