Prince Harry branded ‘poverty Tsar’ over UN stunt

Prince Harry branded ‘poverty Tsar’ over UN stunt

Prince Harry has been branded a ‘poverty Tsar’ for his comments during the UN speech.

He got candid about it all during his interview with GB News.

There, he was quoted saying, “Prince Harry has been to the United Nations today. Goodness only knows why they invite him.”

“But he’s been speaking. He’s been laying in into the decisions of the Supreme Court in the USA to make abortion rights, as they decided, at the state level and by voters as opposed to it being part of federal law.”

“And he’s also talked about the attack on democracy in the world, which I think he and his wife mean, any candidate in support is anti-democratic.”

“But just to cap the lot to an empty room of the UN and I’m pleased to say Prince Harry has been talking about poverty in Africa – a man who’s never had to do a day’s work in his life, who travels around the world in a private jet, who’s got a big advance on Netflix.”

“And he’s now tsar of poverty in Africa. Isn’t that just marvellous?” he added before concluding. 

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