White is the new orange: Bengals unveil alt look

CINCINNATI — The reigning AFC champions will have a new look — for at least one game.

The Cincinnati Bengals unveiled their alternate helmets for the upcoming NFL season. For the first time in franchise history, the team’s lids will feature white as the primary color instead of the team’s traditional orange. White will replace the primary orange color on the striped helmet that has been featured since 1981.

In June, the NFL reportedly issued a memo to clubs allowing the usage of a secondary helmet. Teams that wished to use another helmet had to notify the league by July 31 to gain official approval.

Cincinnati joins the New York Giants, New York Jets, Dallas Cowboys and Carolina Panthers as some of the teams that will take advantage of the loosened restrictions.

This also marks the second straight year that Cincinnati tinkered with its uniforms. Last year, the Bengals unveiled new jerseys for the first time since 2003.

An announcement is expected next week for when the Bengals will wear their white helmets this season, according to a team spokesperson.

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