Woman throws away gold worth INR1.5m in trash while sleepwalking

Representational image. — AFP/File 
  • Woman from Tamil Nadu throws gold jewellery in ATM’s trash can. 
  • Police receive call from couple saying their daughter is missing. 
  • Police combine cases, find out couple’s daughter suffering from sleepwalking trashed gold.

Sleeping disorders like sleepwalking can have severe effects on day-to-day life. Recently, an incident took place in India where a woman thrashed gold worth over INR1.5 million. 

The woman belonging to Tamil Nadu threw gold jewellery in an automated teller machine (ATM’s) trash can.

The security guard posted outside the ATM checked the trash can where he found 43 gold ornaments, according to News18.

The guard reported the matter to the bank, after which the bank decided to call the police. 

The police investigated the matter and checked the CCTV cameras installed outside the bank, revealing that the woman had thrown the gold jewellery in the trash.  

Meanwhile, the police also received a complaint from a couple who said that that their 35-year-old daughter had been missing for some hours. The girl, however, returned home later. 

After that, the police combined both the cases and showed the CCTV footage to the couple, who identified the girl as their daughter. The couple informed the police about their daughter’s sleeping disorder and said that she has been undergoing treatment for it. 

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