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Pakistan has long seen miscarriages as a taboo subject. Often, the topic is hushed to the point that many people do not even know the proper definition of it. To understand the problem, it first must be recognised and understood.

A miscarriage is defined as the loss of a fetus before the 20th week of pregnancy. Pakistani women who suffer miscarriages usually find themselves at a loss of support, and are unable to speak with anyone about their situation. The lack of information contributes to many misconceptions about early pregnancy loss, which makes its understanding crucial.

This Mother’s day, Sunridge has become the first Pakistani brand to talk about mothers who have faced the loss of their unborn child.

In their latest praiseworthy TVC, the brand has highlighted how one out of every four women suffers from a miscarriage, along with highlighting the loss of a mother with whom she’s dearly attached to for quite some time.

The women featured in it one by one, recount their experience with miscarriage, and the way people around them reacted to their failed pregnancy. It is interesting to see how they all had encountered similar reactions from their families, and this is what Sunridge aims to truly address in their latest thought-provoking campaign: #IFeltIt

Regardless of class and socio-economic background, women are blamed for not being healthy enough to give birth. When faced with adversity, many women suffer from depression and feel inadequate, but instead of serving as pillars of support, their nearest and dearest express their disappointment in them.

Many people are not aware that miscarriages are quite common and occur for a plethora of reasons. Exposure to hazardous material, infection and age are all contributors to this problem. However, one factor that can easily be prevented is inadequate nutrition.

During pregnancy, a woman’s nutritional intake needs to increase in order to nourish her fetus. Unfortunately, the nutrition aspect goes largely unnoticed by most women. An average pregnant woman requires about 0.8 milligrams of iron more per day than her average intake during early pregnancy. A healthy baby also requires 400 micrograms of folic acid daily during the first few weeks of pregnancy.

In its marketing strategies, Sunridge Atta not only emphasises taste, but also touts its health benefits. Via #IFeltIt campaign, the applaudable brand solidifies itself as a staple element in a pregnant woman’s diet. Sunridge Fortified Chakki Atta enriched with Iron, Zinc, Folic acid and Vitamin B12 minerals provides the nourishment women need for a healthy pregnancy throughout all 9 months.

If an unfortunate occurrence happens where a mom loses her unborn, it is vital for her to gain back her strength and follow a nutrition filled diet. The ad showcases a caring husband feeding his wife, who has suffered a miscarriage, a roti with the utmost affection. That is the message that Sunridge aims to spread; the one to support a mother, especially when she has suffered a loss.

Kudos to Sunridge for highlighting such an imperative issue. Hopefully, with this campaign, miscarriages will be more openly discussed, people will accept them, and they will also recognise the importance of nutrition during pregnancy and even after a miscarriage.

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